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The things that I've made here in GIMP, as well as writing!


Some stuff that I happen to adore!



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Kyle D
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
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Eyyyyyy, what's up? I'm TheDarkMantis16, but you can call me Dark or Mantis for short. I'm just a nerd who enjoys video games, music, and writing stuff!

All my characters and fanfiction are on SFW, which I'll link below. That's where I got my start, and I'll eventually post my stories over here! when I can stop being lazy that is

Don't be afraid to send me a message or note if you want to talk! I don't mind meeting new people. .3.

Stuff I like:
-Video games
-Transformers (Autobots, roll out!)
-Sonic (of course)
-Smash Bros
-Other game series (Dead Space, CoD, Mega Man, etc.)
-Good music (EDM, rock, metal, OSTs)
-Chicken (Fried, yummeh)
-Junk food
-Writing and reading

Stuff I don't like:
-Trolls (of the internet variety)
-Rap (mostly the ones about "bitches and hoes", pardon the language)
-People who vandalize stuff
-Disgusting food
-Losing all my hard work after forgetting to save (absolutely hate this)

Fun Facts!:
-I like cheese.
--And toast. I love toast~
---Hm, cheese on toast... grilled cheese! BRILLIANT.
-I first started writing fanfiction somewhere in 2012. Can't remember the exact date, but I remember the year. It was about my WoW characters Kioal Darkblade and Isaac Torquebarrel.
-I listen to music from other games while in a game (Example: Lost Colony during the first few rounds of Mob of the Dead in Black Ops 2)
-I'm a bit shy in real life (mostly because I can't find other people that like the same stuff I do).
-My first Sonic game was Sonic the Hedgehog 2, played it when I was like 3.
-I tend to mix concepts together to make new things regarding fan stuff (example: my Mortis Machina species borrows concepts from the Scraplets in Transformers and the Flood in Halo).
-I hate spiders.
-I can't swim.
-I can't draw for toffee. >_<
--I can do stuff in GIMP, though!
-Technical problems sometimes hinder me.
--Then again, they hinder everybody. Nyeh.
-I sometimes say very dumb things and regret doing so moments later.
-I want to be a writer when I go to college. =D
-I'm a huge Transformers nerd. =P
--I've even got a main character - Rotorhead, an Autobot medibot who morphs into a helicopter. He's generally nice and friendly, though weak, but he is very determined to see the war end.
-I take my username after a boss in Mega Man X8, Dark Mantis.
-I find I say "yo" a lot.
-I'm so stylish yo.
-I've lost my ability to even, help me
-I seem to have a proclivity to explode.
-I think I have more ships than I know what to do with. owo;;
--Many of them are with FracturedMirror on SFW, to be precise. And a whole lotta people around the rest of the interwebs!

You can find me in other places, such as...

Sonic Fanon Wiki:…
Origin: TheDarkMantis17
Nintendo Network: kioaldb
3DS Friend Code: 4227 - 2487 - 9633
Xbox: TheDarkMantis18
Gmail: Ask in private, and only if you're a good friend.
Skype: Same as Gmail.


Do you like YCHs?
Do you have cold hard cash you wanna spend?
Do you like getting art of your character?
Do you like bidding?

If you answered "yes" to all the above, then check out :iconcat-tus:'s new YCH here: EMERGENCY YCH open by cat-tus
Paypal only, go give her some help~


For those who are BlazBlue or Guilty Gear fans, you guys should check this out:…
To those I RP with:

Sorry if I'm really slow, I just get distracted and when I get to it I have to think about responses ;v; 
Is it bad that I'm jealous of other people having shit-tons of feedback notifs and notes? I really would like having all of those tbh ;;
I got all my Chemistry done earlier today! NOW I CAN FINALLY GRADUATE


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